Nicole is a LEADER: Nicole didn’t set out to carve out a path for others to follow. It was as she began to understand at deeper and deeper levels who she was that she understood leading others was part of her purpose. During her second year of graduate school(Regent University- Joint MA in Counseling and Communication), Nicole felt a strong calling to pour into the lives of teenage girls. Her first position out of graduate school was as an Elementary School Guidance Counselor. Her next positions after that included, Behavioral Specialist/Mobile Therapist at Youth Advocate Program, and Childcare Center Director. As Nicole worked with hundreds of children, she realized that in order for her to assist children and teens in reaching their potential as productive citizens, she had to be able to help their parents, especially their Moms. Nicole knew she was being nudged to go beyond the reach any of her positions enabled her to go as it related to encouraging, equipping, and empowering women to be the best versions of themselves with clear vision in order to pursue purpose. When women have clear vision and are pursuing purpose, then they can effectively pour into the next generation of girls. As a coach Nicole is paving the way for women to walk confidently and boldly in who they are as women of God with the intent of having an army of women well equipped to lead the next generation of women to go far beyond them.

Nicole is a Motivational Speaker & Coach: Nicole focuses on assisting women in becoming the best version of themselves and living an authentic life. After years of being the go to person in the lives of family and friends for advice, counsel, and encouragement, Nicole decided to become a Certified Life Coach. Nicole has a specific ability to coach women who feel stuck, indecisive and overwhelmed with life by assisting them in recognizing who they were truly created to be so they can live the authentic lives they were created for. Nicole is in the process of developing coaching programs and courses all to assist clients in unveiling and fulfilling purpose.

Nicole is a Creative Soul: In addition to her wisdom and skill in coaching, Nicole is a regularly-sought after visual artist. In her work, the focus is on the process of painting and meaning behind the final project. She used painting as a catalyst for grieving and healing from a deep loss in her life. Nicole has facilitated creativity workshops in the US and abroad including Guatemala City, Guatemala and Roatan, Honduras. She worked as the NexGen Arts Festival Program Coordinator for Barak, Inc a Non-profit community arts organization in Harrisburg, PA. In that position, Nicole trained and equipped young artists (visual & performing) in developing an arts festival as well as presenting themselves and their work in a professional manner. Nicole loves all forms of creativity. She sings, plays the piano, writes, repurposes old items, etc. Nicole believes that every person has the capacity to create and desires to help unlock creativity in others. She always says, “Creativity is not about paint. Being a Creative is not about what you do, it’s who you are”. Nicole is currently writing a book intended to assist creatives in being bold, brave, authentic and free in their expression.