I am who I am! It took me YEARS to get good and comfortable with ME. To let you in on a little secret, the battle still rages every now and then. That’s cool. I had to fight to get to this place and I’m quite sure I’ll have to fight to maintain. The fight is worth the freedom it affords me though. So, I’ll fight on.

In the midst of the battle to accept ME for ME, I learned so much. Probably the best and worst thing I learned was that I lived being so UNcomfortable with ME for so long I had no clue who the truly AUTHENTIC ME really was and that she was SO AMAZING!(wink wink) That was a SAD and incredibly wonderful realization.

It was Sad because DANG, a lot people missed out on experiencing me because I was hurt, wounded and too SCARED to show them ME(which also hid ME from ME)! It was incredibly wonderful because I was ready to do something about it.

Have you ever felt like you don’t know YOU? Have you ever been uncomfortable with who you think you are or how others perceive you? This week I was talking to two very different women about this same thing. These two amazing women are different races and from different generations. One is widowed. The other is newly married. One has raised children. One is waiting for the day she’ll be  a Mommy. Such different women in vastly different seasons of life. Both of them told me they don’t know what they like. They really struggled to be able to tell me what would genuinely make their hearts happy.

As some one who knows what she likes and does NOT like pretty well, you’d think their struggle would be hard for me to understand. It’s NOT. I totally get it. Life…Pain….Situations….Wounds….Walls can build up and keep us from living the AUTHENTIC LIFE we were created to live. We begin to stuff down our wants, needs, likes, etc in order to protect ourselves from disappointment which really only keeps us from our authenticity!

Here are 10 Simple Tips To Help You Embrace Your Authenticity!!!

  1. Get comfortable being alone. When you are alone, you(and God) are really your only entertainment. Spending time alone allows room for connecting with your spirit.
  2. Spend time with children. Children are the most authentic people around. Hang out with them. Play with them. Let them talk to you. They will pull authenticity out of you.
  3. Get out of the comparison trap. You are the only YOU! Your journey is not exactly like that of anyone else’s. You are special. You are unique. If you want to compare something, compare what your life looked like last year with what your life looks like this year. If you don’t see positive progression, then sit down and make a plan.
  4. Create Something. Creativity is in your DNA. Creativity is a way of expressing your heart and soul. It doesn’t matter how you create. Just create. Paint. Draw. Sing. Dance. Choreograph. Write. Play.