Well, it’s Valentine’s Day! It’s a day where love is celebrated by so many but I used to routinely cry. For some, Valentine’s Day is a day of crushing pain and heartache. This day of love, tends to amplify the aloneness of the lonely hearts and magnify the single status of those that loathe it.

I used to be one of the ones who hated red and purposely decked myself out in black when good ole February 14th rolled around. But this year is different. Valentine’s Day 2017 is not different because I’m finally married. I’m not. It’s not different because I’m engaged. I’m not. It’s not different because the pain of losing my first and favorite Valentine, my Daddy is gone. The pain still exists. The difference is me!

I’m not the same girl who was so easily swayed by what people thought about me. I’m not the same girl who used to be embarrassed that my closest friends were married and I still was not. I’m not the same girl who cried herself to sleep at night because some guy didn’t recognize my worth. I’m not the same girl who was so angry and bitter about my life and my journey that I couldn’t see the beauty and uniqueness of my path.


I’m the woman that has grown to appreciate everything about the path I’ve walked. I am the woman that has learned from my relational pain and grief and used those lessons to become a better me. I am the woman who has taken the time to know myself and fall in love with the brilliant and bold woman God created me to be.

I am FREE from the chains that held me captive to lies and blinded by fear…

My hope is that every woman regardless of age, race, class, religion or marital status that experiences the pain of loneliness and disappointment every year on the 14th of February would be comforted in ways she has not experienced before. I hope these women will experience the truest of loves, the love of God that absolutely has the power to change everything, including them!

I may not have everything I want but I love who I am and the path I’m on. The only time table that matters is the Lord’s. Since I’m thinking He’s pretty all-knowing and SO BIG, I’m confident I can trust Him with my heart. I will not let pain, disappointment or grief stop me from living a wildly authentic and fascinating life. I hope you won’t either.

I wrote the book Dear God: Hope for the Single W.I.F.E. in an attempt to encourage women that have a deep desire to be married. I share my journey through singleness and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. I ask powerful questions at the end of each chapter in the hopes that the women reading will truly reflect on their beautiful lives and allow God to bring any needed healing to their hearts. If you or someone else you know could use this message of hope, please share this post with them. TO PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY, CLICK HERE Pre-orders are being taken through the end of February and then all orders will be shipped out in March!