Who are you? It’s a question many people struggle to answer. When asked the question, Who are you?, in my experience people will typically tell you what they do. The issue with that is you are so much more than what you do. We are human BEings, not human DOings. Who are you? Often, we take on identities as a result of what others have said about us or how we’ve been treated. Unfortunately, that covers up the true identity God intended for us to walk in. My goal is to help people separate the identity they’ve taken on from the identity that was originally intended to shape who they are. We tend to skip this step when thinking about going after purpose and developing vision. However, it is the foundation. Purpose and vision emerge from a healed identity.


One of my favorite quotes was said by Dr. Myles Munroe and it states, “If you don’t know the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable”. It is my mission to help people discover why they are here. What purpose were they created to fulfill? Often, we abuse ourselves by mishandling our bodies, time, money and relationships because we don’t understand our purpose. It is my honor to walk people through the purpose discovery process.


To ignite something is to give it life and energy. That’s exactly the goal of my courses, workshops, and books on vision. I want to help you to ignite your vision. I give you tools and strategies that will shift your thinking and bring clarity to your vision. Your vision is the method you will use to fulfill your brilliant God purpose. It takes commitment and discipline to see movement in the area of vision. You will have to shift your thinking in order shift what you are able to achieve. So my charge to you is: Shift your thinking! Shift your world! VISION IGNITE!