April had to be one of the most exhausting months I’ve had in a long time. I battled a fierce cold almost the entire month. I spoke at a powerful business conference out of state, all while trying to keep up with life and work. It was HARD. I was feeling so down. I truly wanted to quite “adulting”. One Saturday toward the end of April, I had a complete and total meltdown. Tears. Tears and more Tears. I was spent. I had come to the end of myself and there was no way I could keep it all together! I certainly wasn’t thinking about how my life story was a gem and could encourage, inspire and even be a lifeline to someone else! I was looking for my own life jacket!!

I am blessed to have a fabulous Mama and several other Mom/Big Sister Type women in my life who were able to carry me through that meltdown. These were the major questions they asked me: 1. Are you worshiping?  2. What do you want? 3. Do you see that the success of the women you speak into is also your success? 4. What are you doing to take care of YOU and enjoy life?

I sat and pondered those questions over the following week and I realized I have been living as if I’m the one who has to hold it all together. I wasn’t making time to worship the only ONE who can hold it all together for me. “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together”– Colossians 1:17 I couldn’t even address the other questions posed to me until I dealt with the fact that I was created to worship and I wasn’t worshiping. I wasn’t worshiping because I was hurting, disappointed and overwhelmed but worship is exactly what I needed in order for those feelings to be relieved.

So, what did I do? I worshiped!!! For me, worship is journaling. Worship is sitting at my keyboard and singing out my prayers and new songs to the Lord. Worship is painting. It wasn’t until I began to do that, that I started to be able to see past my frustrations to be able to answer the other questions they had for me.

I discovered that God wanted me to surrender some things and let Him takeover. I discovered that God wanted me to intentionally nurture ME! I discovered that God wanted me to let go of timetables, shoulds and shouldn’ts and just get good at BEING ME RIGHT WHERE I AM. So, I started a season of intentional self-care! I have had the absolute BEST time and this is only the beginning!

I have a story. My life matters. I can encourage so many when I’m able to share in my own unique way. But I can only do this on a continual basis when I am intimately connected with my creator through worship and I’m taking care of ME. You also have a story. Your life matters. You are more powerful and influential than you may understand.

My charge to you today is, Don’t worry, Worship!” Worship is not about singing and music. Worship is a lifestyle. So, what does living a lifestyle of worship look like to you? From that place, you will be able to consistently see the value in your own story! From that place, you will be able to better care for your own heart, which will allow you to love others well.

Blessings My Loves! Stay tuned for my blog series about Self-Care!